Welcome to Debbie Rabina’s web site.

I am a professor at the School of Information and Library Science at Pratt Institute.

Both my research and teaching address the communication of knowledge within the areas of information policy and scholarly communication. Theoretically, I draw from the framework described by Siva Vaidhyanathan as Critical Information Studies (2006).

In my research, I concentrate on the following broad themes: (1) How do the current techno-cultural and legal environments affect access to information? (2) How can information professionals and others agents of dissemination protect and enhance access to information? (3) What should LIS educators be doing to provide students with critical knowledge to promote access to information?

My teaching closely relates to my research interests. In addition to teaching our core Information Services and Sources course, I teach Government Information Sources (fall), Scholarly Communication (fall), International Information Sources (spring) and Information Policy (spring). I am Pratt Institute’s Distinguished Teacher for 2011-2012. The Remarks I made during Commencement are available from the DTA website under Honorees

I am a past member member of the Depository Library Council, an advisory board to the U.S. Public Printer.

Thank you for visiting my website.