What a week it has been

What a week it has been here. Two weeks ago we were all watching the weather news, tracking the course of the storm, listing to Mayor Bloomberg’s evacuations and subway closures instructions. Many of my colleagues were rushing to catch the last trains out of ASIS&T so that they could get back home.

Many of us suffered lengthy blackouts of up to a week. The lines for gas were two to five hours long.
Just the we were reeling from the power outages and finding our way to work on reduced subway and train
service, election day came upon us.
Casting our vote required standing in long lines. Mine was on the short side – an hour and fifteen minutes, but two hours was the average.
After a late night of watching results and speeches, we woke up on Wednesday morning to a Northeaster that dropped constant sleet and snow all day.

I personally did not loose power at home and was able to help out friends who did. I had ten straight days of house guests and it was like summer camp, but you have to clean your own bunk.

All along work continues, planning classes, grading papers, responding to many many student e-mails about missed classes, deadlines, questions about assignments and more.

Well, that was just a way of describing to you what life is like in New York these days, everyday provides a new battlefront.


One Comment on “What a week it has been”

  1. Tal says:

    Thanks for sharing, Debbie.

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