End of the Year Updates

Just like there are belated birthday cards, there should be a category of belated blog posts. I know this is coming a little late, but I feel it is still within reason, one month after the end of the academic school, to dedicate this, my first blog-post, to sum up my year.

And what a year it was. On each end of the year, I had the honor of addressing students during Commencement and Honor’s Convocation, as Pratt 2011-2012 Distinguished Teacher.

Most of my research time was devoted to German Traces NYC the project that I worked on with my colleague Anthony Cocciolo. The project received nice attention in both the popular press and academic circles. We were asked to present the project to an IMLS panel, received the iSchool 2012 best poster award and have a forthcoming paper in Journal of Documentation.

Summer is here, and while I am certainly taking the time to read, meet with friends, and other leisure activities, I can’t rest on my laurels and have began work on some new research projects. More to come.